An introduction to the history of the cold war in eastern europe

Conflicting interests once the war against the axis was over and the common enemy defeated one of the fascinating things about cold war history is that, despite the endless debate, there is little agreement about when it started or even where some would say that it began in eastern europe others argue that it was in. The cold war in east asia studies asia as a second front in the cold war, examining how the six powers—the united states, the soviet union, china, japan, and north and south korea—interacted one another and forged the conditions that were distinct from the cold war in europe the contributors are among the. The end of the cold war: european unity, socialism, and the shift in global power introduction: european unity: a unique historical opportunity i refer, of course, to the collapse of the ideological and political hegemony of the communists in eastern europe the end of the cold war as we have known it between the. How did wartime friends so quickly turn into cold war foes and our burning question who started it was it the soviets they backpedaled on their agreements to allow the people of eastern europe to determine their own fates and imposed totalitarian rule on territories unlucky enough to fall behind the iron curtain.

Valahian journal of historical studies, issn: 1584-2525 east-west cultural exchanges and the cold war, a conference that was born out of cold war studies have paid little attention to european initiatives and connections over the iron curtain that emerged and developed in the shadow of the superpowers3 articles. The cold war was a period of increased tensions and competition for global influence between the united states that lasted from approximately 1945 until 1991 tensions increased in the aftermath of world war ii when the united states dropped the atom bomb and russian forces took over eastern europe during the. The origins of the cold war are often placed in europe by orthodox historians and so ignore its global origins as well as the issue of whether the cold war's development was driven by european events the idea that soviet dominance over its eastern parts should be accepted by the western allies was rejected. This subject file focuses on the history of the cold war, a strategic and ideological conflict that opposed the western bloc, led by the united states, and the eastern bloc, led by the soviet union, from 1945 to 1989 although there was no direct confrontation between the two powers, the conflict was to lead the world to the.

Our cold war history series looks at the great battle between the usa and ussr over more than four decades the cuban missile crisis, korean war, vietnam war, the berlin wall, prague spring, detente, the rise of opposition groups in the eastern bloc, and the history of nuclear weapons episode 1 – an introduction. Introduction post-cold war europe is history in less than a decade, and powered by the soaring price of oil, president vladimir putin has turned russia into a powerful international player russia's reliance on western credits has turned into europe's reliance on russian gas russia's military budget has.

Prior to world war two some events led to the alienation of the emerging superpowers from each other: the bolshevik revolution of october 1917, which replaced russia's provisional government with a dictatorship of the proletariat, had established a communist state the bolsheviks had withdrawn russia from world. Introduction vending machine explaining the causes of an event as large, complicated, and significant as the revolutions of 1989 and the end of communist for ordinary people living in communist eastern europe during the cold war era, a great part of everyday life consisted of searching and waiting for basic material. The origins of the cold war 1945-55 why did the usa & ussr become rivals in the years 1945-49 • ideological differences between the usa & ussr • yalta & potsdam • the iron curtain (soviet expansion in eastern europe) • the truman doctrine • the marshall plan • cominform & comecon • the berlin blockade.

Since the 1990s, new approaches have expanded our understanding of the cold war earlier studies had primarily focused on the military, economic, and diplomatic aspects of the bipolar conflict between the united states and the soviet union in 1947-1991 across the world this course will provide an overview of the new. A short summary of history sparknotes's the cold war (1945–1963) this free in many ways, the cold war began even before the guns fell silent in germany and in the pacific in 1945 moreover, he wanted to erect pro-soviet governments throughout eastern europe to protect the ussr from any future invasions. Both nations were able to subdue their antipathy during world war ii in the face of a common adversary, but even this limited cooperation evaporated after the war tensions soon rose as a result of the soviets establishing repressive regimes throughout eastern europe, american nuclear weapons, and german divisions. The cold war begins: soviet-american conflict over eastern europe, by lynn etheridge davis canadian journal of history, 10(3), pp 438–439 related content search find related content by author edward m bennett search in university of toronto press google scholar submissions our scholarone submission.

An introduction to the history of the cold war in eastern europe

This book is a collection of essays that unwraps the complex world of consumption under communism in postwar eastern europe its editors have carefully compiled, analyzed, and contextualized new work by both american and european scholars writing from variety of disciplinary perspectives the result is a fresh look at. The cold war posted on april 5, 2017 under social sciences and humanities guide index introduction origins of the cold war origins of the cold war – newspaper articles origins of the the majority of the eastern european communist regimes are modeled on the central command government of the soviet union.

  • A secondary school revision resource for gcse history about modern world history, international relations, causes of the cold war and soviet expansion in eastern europe.
  • Chapter 2 “we started the cold war”: a hidden message behind stalin's attack on anna akhmatova (pp 55-75) olga voronina an ideological—as well as political and economic—confrontation between soviet-dominated eastern europe and the united states and its allies, the cold war manifested itself in cultural actions.

History 783: an introduction to russian and east european history fall 2011 professor donald j raleigh class meetings: this course meets in hamilton hall krylova, anna soviet women in combat: a history of violence on the eastern front zubok, vladislav m a failed empire: the soviet union in the cold war. After the war ended, these grievances ripened into an overwhelming sense of mutual distrust and enmity postwar soviet expansionism in eastern europe fueled many americans' fears of a russian plan to control the world meanwhile, the ussr came to resent what they perceived as american officials' bellicose rhetoric,. The transformation process in central and eastern europe (cee) after 1989 is often clothed in terms of historical and geographical categories, either as a 'return of history' or as a 'return to europe', or both either way, the radical right in cee claims a prominent place in this politics of return studies of the radical right echo. The plain dealerin the much-anticipated follow-up to her pulitzer prize-winning gulag acclaimed journalist anne applebaum delivers a groundbreaking history of how communism took over eastern europe after world war ii and transformed in frightening fashion the individuals who came under its sway iron curtain.

an introduction to the history of the cold war in eastern europe Border visions and border regimes in cold war eastern europe libora oates- indruchová libora oates-indruchová see all articles by this author search google scholar for this author muriel blaive muriel blaive see all articles by.
An introduction to the history of the cold war in eastern europe
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